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Please contact your assemblyman about modifying these unfair laws (click here for more)
The California IBEW -  AB931 and AB1087
The Electrical Union in California can no longer compete - so they got former Governor Gray Davis to sign laws forcing non- union workers to stop working unless they can pass union type tests.  (click here for more)
These unfair laws are making non-union contractors switch from the modern "team and specialists" system to the very outdated and  inefficient "journeyman" system.  (click here for more)

Minority workers will be hurt the most.  Many minority workers will be forced to give their jobs to union workers even though they have nearly perfect safety records, and may have just a few years until retirement. Unfortunately, these laws will have a terrible impact on minorities.  (click here for more)

The Electrical Union in California can no longer compete economically so they are competing legislatively. The union has been losing market share for the last 40 years as their wages have been going up, up and up. 
They got former Governor Gray Davis to sign laws AB932 and AB1087 making non union workers stop working (Jan 1, 2005) unless they can pass a union type test. I have taken and passed this test. It is a very difficult test for the average electrical worker. It is a good test for contractors, journeymen, large project supervisors, and electrical inspectors. It consists mostly of legal and technical questions taken from the 1999 National Electrical Code. There are very few questions about practical electrical work practices.
The powerful IBEW is making non-union contractors switch to a very inefficient "journeyman" system of doing business to try and force most of them out of business. The law says the journeyman system will work like this: for every licensed electrician you can have one and only one apprentice. This keeps new people out of the trade in order to keep wages artificially high. The apprentice has to work about 5 years to become eligible to take the California journeyman exam. Most electrical specialties can be learned to be done with little supervision in about 3 weeks. 90 percent of electrical work can be done competently by anyone with about 2 years of experience and some good safety training.
Many minority workers will be forced to stop working even though they have near perfect safety records and are most of their way through their careers.
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