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The California IBEW

AB931 and AB1087

The Electrical Union in California can no longer compete, so they got former Governor Gray Davis to sign laws forcing non- union workers to stop working unless they can pass union type tests. (click here for more)

Minority workers will be hurt the most.  Many minority workers will be forced to give their jobs to union workers even though they have nearly perfect safety records, and may have just a few years until retirement. Unfortunately, these laws will have a terrible impact on minorities. (click here for more)

These unfair laws are making non-union contractors switch from the modern "team and specialists" system to the very outdated and  inefficient "journeyman" system.

 The IBEW  is creating  inefficiency and artificially high wages. (click here for more)

Please contact your California State Assembly Member about modifying these unfair laws.  Find your Assembly Member  by entering your zip code below.

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